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All About Los Lunas

We are a Los Lunas-grown business and we love serving local businesses and families with roofing services. There is so much to love about Los Lunas that we just wanted to share a little bit about this great town here. 

History of Los Lunas

Los Lunas is a small community of about 15,000 people just a 30-minute drive south of Downtown Albuquerque. It’s nice because it’s an easy drive to Albuquerque for shopping, entertainment, or work, but Los Lunas also maintains a small-town vibe that we love. It was first settled by westerners when the land was given to Don Felix Candelaria in 1716 as a part of the San Clemente Grant. But it wasn’t until the Santa Fe Railroad came through in 1876 that the town began to grow. It became an incorporated town in 1928.

What to Do in Los Lunas

Currently, Los Lunas is a great place to live because it has such great access to outdoor recreation and an easy commute to Albuquerque. Visitors and locals both enjoy a hike to the top of the Cerro de Tomé, both for the views and for the religious and historic significance. The North Bosque Trail System and the Riverside Park Trail are both trails you can access in town that are great for riding your bike, walking the dog, or going for a run.

And, if you enjoy visiting historic sites, there are many here connected to the railroad history. Also, you can drive by the Luna Mansion and take a peek at the historic home of the Luna family. In recent years this amazing mansion has operated as a restaurant but they weren’t able to keep the doors open through COVID. Keep your eyes peeled for new purposes for this beautiful homestead.

Best Restaurants in Los Lunas

Mexican food (or New Mexican food) is a staple of Los Lunas and many of our most popular restaurants have that kind of fare. One of the highest-rated is TJ’s. People rave about their red and green chile and their food is great around the clock—whether you go for breakfast or dinner. Another favorite is Europa. This unique concept includes a working farm, a restaurant, and an event space. Many people say it’s the best place in town and their menu features items like a seafood crepe and Swedish meatballs.

And if you’re looking for amazing coffee, you’ve got to order some beans from Bosque Coffee Roasters. They roast their beans locally and their brand is becoming well-known around the state and beyond!

We Love Los Lunas

Los Lunas is a wonderful place to be! We’re so thankful to be a part of this community and help people make their homes and businesses safe and secure, as well as look excellent. Below you’ll find some more information about different neighborhoods in Los Lunas if you want to learn more!

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