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Elementary School, Middle School and University in Pasitos Del Cielo/ Rio Del Oro – Los Lunas, New Mexico

Pasitos Del Cielo/Rio Del Oro has a number of Park, Elementary schools, and Universities we’ll discuss in this short post. First, a quick introduction to the area.

Pasitos del Cielo is a small town located in Los Lunas, New Mexico. It has an elevation of 1,502 meters and Its median real estate price is $173,302 which makes it more expensive than 39.1% of the neighborhoods in New Mexico and 29.9 percent out of America as a whole

The Pasitos del Cielo/Rio del Oro neighborhood is a unique and special place to live in. This 95% government worker ratio makes for an atmosphere that’s less bustling than most other parts of America, but don’t let its tranquility fool you: there are plenty going on right here!

Desert View Elementary

Desert View Elementary School is a public school that has been in operation since 1986. The location, Los Lunas; NM doesn’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to education stats but there are some things worth noting about this institution before you decide how they stack up against other schools around your area or country for example 1) They offer programs from preschool through sixth grade with nearly 400 students attending Classes PK-6 each year; 2)- According to top state test scores, 18% of student here can already read level beyond basic understanding while another 26% possess proficient.

This school has ranked #221 out of 514 Most Diverse Public Elementary Schools in New Mexico and ran #236 out of 428 Best Public Elementary School Teachers in New Mexico

Valencia Middle School

Located in a fringe rural setting, Valencia Middle School is one of New Mexico’s public schools. The student population at this middle school consists mostly (80%) 7th graders who are from all over the state; there are also about 20 students per teacher on average.

One thing worth mentioning before we dive into why these numbers matter so much: 15% percent scored above proficient levels math-wise and 25%.

Valencia Middle School is a great institution for middle school students in New Mexico. They rank #103 on the list of schools that are ranked by their performance with state-required tests, graduation rates, and how well they prepare kids to be ready when it comes time heading off into high-school life!

The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus

The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus is a picturesque campus that occupies 150 acres in the heartland, halfway between Belen and Los Lunas. The land has been wisely used to provide an educational environment for students from all over Valencia County as it stands overlooking scenic views such as those seen here on our western bank: valley scape with mountains looming large beyond them; farms spread out before you reach your destination at sunset when colors change beautifully across this beautiful region’s landscape!

UNM-Valencia is a branch college of The University Of New Mexico, and as such it carries with it all the benefits that come along those lines. This includes being fully accredited by Higher Learning Commission North Central Association colleges/secondary schools which last conducted an accreditation review for this institution back in March 2019 resulting in 10 years worth of reaffirmation!

Their average review score on Google is 4.9 stars and here is one of the things people said about this university:

The new landscaping is beautiful. The faculty are friendly and helpful.  Classes are small and tuition is low. This is a great place to start college.” – Tina Hite

Driving Directions from The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus to Integrity Roof Solutions

12 Mins, 6.4 Miles

The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus

280 La Entrada Rd, Los Lunas, NM 87031, United States

Continue to La Entrada Rd

1 min (0.2 mi)

Head east toward La Entrada Rd

157 ft

Turn left

266 ft

Turn right toward La Entrada Rd

85 ft

Turn left toward La Entrada Rd

0.1 mi

Turn right onto La Entrada Rd

16 s (482 ft)

Follow Chacon Blvd, Spokane Blvd and Dehaan Loop to Rio Del Oro Loop N

5 min (2.4 mi)

Turn right onto Chacon Blvd

0.6 mi

Turn left onto Dehaan Loop

0.2 mi

Continue straight onto Spokane Blvd

0.5 mi

Keep left to stay on Spokane Blvd

0.1 mi

Continue straight onto Dehaan Loop

1.0 mi

Take Manzano Expy to Airport Dr in El Cerro-Monterey Park

5 min (3.2 mi)

Turn right onto Airport Dr

59 s (0.6 mi)

Integrity Roof Solutions

145 Airport Dr, Los Lunas, NM 87031, United States

Can I file a claim with my insurance company for wind damage (blow-offs)?

Wind damage is a major concern for residents in our area. Roof blowoffs can be repaired with Los Lunas roofing repair, and filed through insurance if an adjuster documents the shingle loss/the condition it was when you started complaining about them (shingles missing). We’re happy to work directly alongside your company’s representatives so they payout rather than just giving you money–it saves both time & effort!

If I can’t afford Albuquerque roof repair, can I fix my shingled roof myself?

We know that Albuquerque roof replacement is a big investment. For those looking to make a temporary fix, check out the following video of tips for shingled roof repair.

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