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Dentist, Car Dealer, and Pet Store in Sandia/ Paquita – Los Lunas, New Mexico

Sandia/ Paquita has a number of dentists, car dealers, and pet stores we’ll discuss in this short post. First, a quick introduction to the area.

Sandia/Paquita is a suburban neighborhood in Los Lunas, New Mexico. It’s based on population density and features well-maintained homes with gardens that fill it up nicely for those sweet summer days spent playing outside!

With a greater proportion of government workers living in it than 98.0% of other American neighborhoods, the Sandia/Paquita area has an interesting and distinctive character all its own!

This neighborhood is perfect for those who want to live an executive lifestyle. It has plenty of spacious homes, which are popular among professionals with high incomes and educational levels like doctors or lawyers! The real estate market here tends to be more expensive than others in New Mexico – making it easier on your wallet if you’re looking at purchasing property soon – but that doesn’t mean this area isn’t still worth considering given all its benefits when compared against other neighborhoods within our state

Familia Dental

Familia Dental is a welcoming and friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. Patients of all social statuses are treated equally, regardless if they can afford it or not with the help from our founder who wishes to contribute in making sure no one goes without proper care due when living below the poverty level because he had experienced first-hand how bad dental hygiene could affect someone’s life chances early on during his childhood years growing up while coming form an unstable family situation himself which lead him into wanting greater access for those less fortunate communities setting out on their own journey towards success despite what challenges may come along.

With a team of experienced dentists, Familia Dental is able to provide high-quality care at affordable prices. The organization has grown into what it was originally intended for – improving health and smiles alike!

Melloy Commercial & Fleet Sales Los Lunas, NM

Melloy Commercial & Fleet Sales got everything you need to fit your commercial or government fleet. With sales for Chevy, Ford, and Ram trucks as well as Chrysler vans & SUVs with an extensive selection of up-fitter options available too!


Petsense is a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs, with an emphasis on small and mid-size communities. From food to supplies or grooming services – if it can be eaten/dragged around in someone’s backyard then we probably sell some sort of product!

They currently have 264 Reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars ob Google. Here’s one of the reviews they have online:

“Michelle and Ray immediately greeted us and determined what we needed. Ray hypnotized our brand new 6wk old blue-heeler which had been anxiously looking for its siblings…calmed him to sleep! and found the totally correct-sized harness for the little guy. Michelle found us a security gate and helped with questions regarding vaccines and other new puppy health issues. This is a well-stocked store with professional and friendly help…highly recommended.” – Cynthia P

Driving Directions from Petsense to Integrity Roofing Solutions

16 min (8.6 miles)


1620 Main St SW, Los Lunas, NM 87031, United States

Head east

85 ft

Turn right toward NM-6 E/Main St SW

75 ft

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto NM-6 E/Main St SW

 Pass by Home Furniture & Carpet Co., Inc. (on the left in 1.6 mi)

2.7 mi

Turn right onto NM-263 E/El Cerro Rd/El Cerro Lp

 Continue to follow NM-263 E/El Cerro Lp

2.2 mi

Continue straight onto Meadowlake Rd

1.3 mi

Turn right onto Manzano Expy

1.8 mi

Turn left onto Airport Dr

0.6 mi

Integrity Roof Solutions

145 Airport Dr, Los Lunas, NM 87031, United States

Is Integrity Roof Solutions Insured?

Integrity Roof Solutions is more than just a name for us. We believe that honesty and integrity go hand in hand, which makes our company’s philosophy an integral part of what it means to work here at integrity roofs! Our team members are insured so if anything were ever fallen down wrong – like god forbid something was accidentally caused by them- then there would be no one left holding responsibility other than themselves

Do the roofers speak English at your Los Lunas Roofing Company?

We’re committed to providing the highest quality service and products. That’s why we make sure that there is always someone on site who speaks English fluently, as well all of our foremen are native speakers! Our team at integrity roofs solutions knows how important strong communication skills are for a good customer experience – which means you’ll receive it from us too.

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