Tile Roofs

Tile Roofs in Los Lunas

Tile Roofs for Residential and Commercial Buildings in Los Lunas and the Albuquerque Metro Area.

Tile Roofs | Fast Facts

Tile roofing has a very distinct appearance, cherished by many. Tiles roofs are typically made from clay tiles or concrete tiles, both known for their longevity. Because of their density, they do an excellent job of insulating homes—keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Tile Roof Repair

Like a shingle roof, tile roofs can be repaired tile by tile. The main repair needed in tile roofs is replacing cracked tiles. The faulty tile can be pried up and then a professional, or a handy homeowner, can replace the new tile by putting cement on the underside and sliding it back into place.

Tile Roof Replacement

Tile roofs historically have incredible longevity. Clay tile roofs can last up to 100 years! And concrete tile roofs also have an impressive lifespan—an average of 50 years. But, when it comes time to replace a tile roof in Los Lunas or the metro Albuquerque area, or to put a new tile roof on a new build, Integrity Roof Solutions can help!

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