TPO Roofs

TPO Roofs in Los Lunas

TPO Roofs for Residential and Commercial Buildings in Los Lunas and the Albuquerque Metro Area.

TPO Roofs | Fast Facts

TPO roofs (short for thermoplastic polyolefin) are common on commercial buildings and some residential homes in Los Lunas since many homes here have flat roofs. Their highly reflective nature saves on cooling costs in the summer, which is the main basis of their appeal.

TPO Roof Repair

TPO roofs can be repaired by a professional or a bold homeowner with the know-how. Repairs are needed when part of a TPO roof is compromised, whether that’s from a scratch from a branch, or a breach in the materials from natural wear and tear.

TPO Roof Replacement

TPO roofs, when properly installed, last for around 30 years. This longevity is another reason people choose TPO roofs for flat roof homes and businesses. If your TPO roof is reaching the end of its life and repairs won’t do the trick, please contact Integrity Roof Solutions to discuss your roof replacement.

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